Hosting Beyond the Home

Airbnb envisioned a world where you no longer have to follow the maps, wait in the lines, and take photos of all the same sights. On November 17th, the new Airbnb app launched which enabled access to homes, places, and experiences. These unique experiences are designed and hosted by real people in local communities and are built around the concept of embracing the human connection that makes travel so magical.   


We Are Here

How do you launch a product centered around the power of human connection? The answer is simple: by connecting people. “We Are Here” transported people into Airbnb Hosted Experiences around the world. Six distinct films were shot Live in 6 cities across 5 continents over the 24 hour course of Airbnb’s launch day. We streamed each film Live on Facebook from helmet-mounted first person POV so that you felt like you were actually there. When you engaged, your comments were tangibly incorporated into the physical experience – like magic. 

For example, a performance artist named Anne hosted our Airbnb Experience in Paris. She brought her guests to the square outside the Moulin Rouge, where they wrote down their hopes and fears on biodegradable paper butterflies, to be released above a metro grate and into the night sky. As Anne asked her on-screen guests what they’d write down, the world naturally joined in via comments on the Live stream. Butterflies serendipitously began to appear on the on-screen table, with the comments and names from the global audience. So, when Anne and her guests released their hopes and fears into the sky, the audience at home also watched their butterflies float away over Paris in real time. 


22 Point Lift in Ad Recall
7 Point Lift in Brand Favorability
Nielsen Brand Effect
Over 6 million global participants in first 24 hours




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